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A Complete Soil Testing Company

Whether you are looking for a healthier lawn or garden, investigating contaminants in your soil, or just want to save money with smarter fertilization, Rx Soil provides a variety of soil testing services.

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Use Rx Soil to keep track of your soil test results from one year to the next, making it easy to compare your soil's progress and treatments across your home and property.

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From testing soil in your home lawn or garden, to working at scale with businesses and landscapers, Rx Soil provides laboratory services directly to you, quickly, at competitive prices.

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Soil Nutrient Testing

Perfect for lawn and garden, price includes laboratory analysis of 13 soil properties AND a 12-month nutrient management plan

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Nutrient Testing

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Not sure where to get started? Our Soil Nutrient Analysis is the perfect starter kit for lawn and garden.

Nutrient Analysis Package

Starting at $49.95

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Soil analysis kit

If you have any soil testing needs that you do not see listed, please get in touch with us!