Discover the Composition of Your Soil

Sand, Silt, Clay, Loam. What exactly is in your soil? With a laboratory texture analysis test kit, Rx Soil makes it easy know the exact percentages of your soil's components. Use this information in combination with a yearly nutrient analysis to make the best decisions about your growing areas.

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Know Your Soil Type

There are key differences in the way you work with different soil types, and how to make plants and grasses thrive in them. Sandy loam? Silty clay? Let Rx Soil take the guesswork out and provide the real answer.

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One and Done

Unlike a soil nutrient analysis, texture testing really only needs to happen once. Your soil nutrient levels are constantly changing, but your soil texture will remain mostly consistant until you bring new soil in.

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Fast Free Shipping

Two-way shipping costs are included - to get the kit to you and to mail your soil sample to the lab. Get your soil texture analyzed right from the comfort of your home in about a week.

Texture Test


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Texture analysis kit

Texture Test + Nutrient Analysis

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Texture analysis kit
What is Included in a Texture Analysis?

This report focuses on the components in your soil. Your report will contain a percentage breakdown of the sand, slit, and clay found in your sample, as well as the precise classification of your soil type.

Like all Rx Soil tests, the price of the kit includes the sample test kit, mailer box, sample collection bag, instructions, lab fee, and report.

A partial example of the data presented in your report:

Texture analysis showing clay soil

Ready to get started? Purchase our texture analysis kit now, or contact us with any questions.