Test your soil and improve the health of your lawn, garden, or landscape.

Nutrient Analysis Kit


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Soil analysis kit
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Reliable Laboratory Soil Analysis

Our lab tests for 13 different soil properties with clear, accurate results providing you with a complete solution for maintaining optimal soil health and helping you track your product applications year over year.

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Fast Free Shipping

Fast free shipping to get the kit to you and mail in your soil sample to our lab, giving you results and soil balancing instructions right from the comfort of your home in about a week.

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Responsible Soil Management

Free recommendations tailored specifically to your soil, so you'll know exactly what your soil needs. You achieve balance without overusing fertilizers, saving you money and helping the environment.

What's inside a Nutrient Analysis Kit?

Easy to understand instruction card:

Four step instruction card for sampling soil and sending it to the lab

Compostable soil collection bag:

Soil collection bag

Pre-paid shipping label to our lab:

Soil analysis kit with prepaid shipping label

Simple to Understand Results

Soil analysis graph and chart showing optimal ranges

Advanced In-Depth Recommendations

Grid with plot marks

First, we gather some information about your growing area such as square footage and location.

Plant labeled with growth markers

Then, you select the type of plants that you're growing and your preferred products.

Plant labeled with growth markers
Computer screen with soil analysis readout

The laboratory analysis provides precise major and minor element levels, the capacity to retain nutrients, ph level, and more.

Multi level grid with plot marks

Finally, we provide you with detailed recommendations for which products to put down, when, and how much.

Multi level grid with plot marks
Soil amendment recommendation chart showing instructions
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Nutrient Analysis Kit


Do you agree to our terms and conditions?
Soil analysis kit