Know the Ecosystem in Your Soil

Healthy soil supports a host of microrganisms that assist in breaking down nutrients for plants growing in your garden or lawn. By testing your soil for microbial life, you can gain insight into the health of your microorganism communities, and track progress towards making your growing spaces thrive.

Various micro organisms
A Deeper Level of Knowledge

For those already monitoring their soil, biological testing can provide a closer look at the health of your lawn or garden. By quantifying the microorganisms in your soil, you can track the effectiveness of your soil management plan.

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Full Biological Health Report

The biological test use ratios of specific bacteria and fungi to provide 15 detailed levels of microbes in your soil. By comparing these ratios to optimal levels, you can track how your soil's biological health compares to ideal growing conditions.

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Express Shipping Included

For higher levels of accuracy, soil samples should be sent to the testing lab quickly in temperature controlled packaging. The cost of the test kit includes all these materials along with express shipping, without any additional charge to you.

A Soil Biology Report With Convenience and Ease

Like other Rx Soil tests, your soil biology test is processed quickly, and you will receive your results usually within a week of sending in your sample. Your soil biology report will detail the following factors:

  • Total Detectable Biomass
  • Bacteria Amounts and Classifications
  • Fungi Amounts and Classifications
  • Protozoa Amounts
  • Functional Group Diversity
  • Fungus to Bacterial Ratio
  • Protozoa to Bacterial Ratio
  • Gram(+) to Gram(-) Bacteria Ratio
  • Weight and Percentage Breakdown of Biomass
  • Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Acid Ratio
  • Monosaturated to Polysaturated Fat Ratio

All of your information can be assigned to your customized growing areas, allowing you to compare the biological effectiveness of your soil management plan across locations and years at your property. An partial example of the data presented in your report:

Biological data breakdown by ratio as a bar chartBiological data breakdown by weight as a pie chart

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